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Clear Here for an Atlantic Records Interview with the master on Real Player:

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Geddy Lee 

AKA By-Tor / Dirk 

Geddy, the man we all wish would break out into an eight minute bass solo in concert. The guy who's voice has been know to make some cheer, and some cringe. The sports fan of the Toronto Trio, who might be found at a Blue Jay's baseball game eating a hot dog. Mr. Canadian, who sings along with Bob and Doug McKenzie on "Take Off". The man who started out playing six string guitar in Alex's band...That's Geddy Lee. 

Born Gary Lee Weinrib on July 29, 1953; Geddy got his name from his mother's pronunciation of Gary (heavy Yiddish accent), and he legally changed his name to Geddy quite a few years ago. Gary...errr...Geddy met Alex in the eighth grade (I'm guessing around 1967), and from there, the roots of Rush grew. Geddy, who was strongly influenced by Jack Bruce, traded his six string for a bass guitar shortly before the official formation of Rush. 

Geddy currently live outside of Toronto with his wife, his son Julian (who can be seen in the "Distant Early Warning" video), and his daughter Kyla. Geddy has expressed interest in running a minor league baseball team.

Accomplishments / Awards 

  • Geddy is in the Bass Hall of Fame for Guitar Player Magazine 
  • Has been voted Best Rock Bassist more than 6 times 
  • Geddy won "best Rock Bass player" in the 1993 "Bass Player" readers' poll

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