Crank Calls
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The Jerky Boys
Even More Cranks
Many Others
Your Friendly Barman

For those of you who liked the Jerky Boys...


Credit goes to "Crank Calls Central" for this material, the truly definitive collection of crank call material.

You may need the free Real Player Version 8.0 or higher to play the tracks. 

Link Description


The Combination Sandwich A phone call for vegetarians can relate to.  R
The Farmer's Funeral Man deals with death.  PG
CD Shopper Man is picky about who he buys his CDs from.  PG
The Dangerous Taco Highly trained staff handle delicate potential lawsuit.  PG
Truck 43 Blue collar workers at their best.  R
Trouble With the Take-Out Man finds glass in his food and challenges the fast paced wit of fast-food employees.  PG
The Vacuum Dispute Customer Service in the Czech Republic  R
Failed Break-out Attempt Idiot  G
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not For all women who are suspicious of men. GOOD ONE  R
Baboo Good Wholesome Confusion  G
Billiard Hall II More Wholesome Confusion  G
Communication Problems  G
Sir Pete's New Car  R
Mr. Stinky Man with abnormal flatulence seeks advice.  PG
Mr. Stinky (1 year Later) You can guess the topic.  R
Records for Sale  R
Ford LTD Man tries to sell car.  R
Medley of Destruction Man calls people late at night to enquire about things they're selling in the newspaper.  R
Poo On the Porch  R
Bakery Man finds glass in his cake.  R